Does DDoSTech take backups of my server?

For some services, we make free backups of client servers, including but do not run them for client-requested restores. In most cases, they can only be restored in the event of a hardware failure or when a $ 5 restore fee has been paid. Below is a list of services with information about backups for each.

Note: If data hosted in a service is important, it is the customer's responsibility to take backups. We do not have to provide or take backups of services, but we do for many services in the event of a disaster or hardware failure.

KVM VDS - We do not provide free backups for KVM VDS in most places, as they have better redundancy and KVM VDS takes up much more space than other services. You can contact us to ask if we can make backups of your VDS, if so we will make a 'dd' copy of your VDS image in a cron task to the internal backup area (no client access), optionally send the file to your own remote backup server.

Game Servers - Most of our game servers are backed up internally every 2-3 days (files only, no MySQL) which means we can take a backup of your server files on demand. This depends on location and equipment. Customers should rely on their own backups from which they receive or use our paid backup service, where server data and MySQL databases are archived and stored in our BackBlaze B2 account, where you can contact the sales for pricing.

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